Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Election Year

The game was developed in Ubuntu environment using CodeBlocks. The release version
can be accessed by going into the bin folder, within the Final_project.zip folder. If the
release presents errors because of Right issues, make a copy of the project and open the
release through the copy. Once the release version opens:
1. Select the amount of democrats and republicans you wish to start the game with. If
the amount you select for them exceeds 90 in total, an error message will be
2. Select the number of levels or states to display (1-4).
3. Can also use the slider to modify the speed at which the game is displayed.
4. If you do not want to make any changes, you can directly press the Start button to
run the game.
5. The Stop button allows pausing the game at a given time, and the Start button
changes to Resume when in pause mode.
6. The Restart button is also available if you decide to restart the game because you
want to change any of the initial configurations.
7. After the game finishes, a dialog box will reveal the winner of the election and after
you dismiss the dialog, the Save button is made available if you want to save the
initial configuration used in that game.

Contributors: Daniela Ziccardi, Reinier Gonzalez, Luis Mantilla (all computer engineers students at Florida International University)

Video Game Files Link -------> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B4XBFvTTDF-jbTQ0aG96TXVQRm8?usp=sharing

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